Apply Now

Items you will need for completing the Covered California application:


Identification (Driver’s License, etc.)


# in household (listed on your taxes)


Household annual income (listed on your taxes)


How you filed your taxes (as in individual, married jointly, etc.)


How to get started online:

  • Visit, click on “apply now”
  • At top right, click on “create account”
  • On left side underneath “individual and family”, click “continue”
  • You are taken to a “set up account page”, enter information to create an account
    • Username:__________________ Password:_______________(for your future reference)
  • Once finished creating the account, you will be required to login and choose five security questions

       1. ______________2.______________3.________________4._______________5._____________

  • Once that is completed you will be taken to a page that says “Welcome”
  • At the top right, click on “Find Help Near You”  **If you’ve already created an account, login then start here**
  • Click on “Find Agents”
  • On right, do a “Search by Name” and type “Paul Viveros” and click “Search”
  • Click on “Paul Viveros”, On top right, click “Continue”
  • Click the 3 boxes, if you agree, and type your name and click “confirm”
  • You will see a message “Agent designation successfully completed”
  • Email us at to let us know that you have completed the agent designation process and please provide your contact information. We will then contact you within 24 hours.
  • Electronic signature: _________________________ (write down how you sign, such as with middle initial, in the event you need that at a future time)
  • Once you apply, your Application # ______________________ and Case #:_____________________
  • 4 digit PIN ____________________

Toll Free: 562.693.9436